Continuous innovation and evolution are hallmarks of the life sciences and healthcare sector. At Denoon Legal we recognise that we need to keep up with the dynamic and diverse nature of this field, and that our clients will have very different perspectives and requirements depending on their status – whether they are a startup, an established biotechnology company, a large pharmaceutical firm, or a hospital trust.

We have worked with clients in each of these fields and other stakeholders in different areas of the law relating to healthcare and pharmaceuticals, including:

  • intellectual property and commercial transactions;
  • regulatory matters, including the range from clinical trial authorisations and ethics approval to marketing authorisations and recalls;
  • developing compliance programmes, including anti-bribery and corruption;
  • joint ventures, collaborations, mergers and acquisitions; and
  • legal and regulatory aspects of clinical trials.

Our experience of working with a variety of companies enhances our ability to manage their competing requirements and also ensures that our advice takes account of practicalities and commercial reality.

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